2019 Washington State Legislative Session


Legislative Priorities


HB 1344 | SB 5436 ECEAP Expansion

  • Expands early childhood education (like       pre-school and kindergarten) across the state

SB 5489 Healthy Environment for All

  • Also known as the HEAL Act, this bill would commit state agencies to adopt the perspective of environmental justice in their work by requiring them to use current environmental health data in their decisions

SB 5339 Death Penalty Repeal 

  • Formally codifies the repeal of the death penalty into law

HB 1728 | SB 5258 Sexual Harassment Protection for Isolated Workers

  • Requires employers to provide sexual harassment training for vulnerable workers such as late night hotel housekeepers and office managers, as well as a list of resources that they can contact in the event of harassment. 

SB 5497 Keep Washington Working Act   

  • This bill would prevent local law enforcement agencies from collaborating with ICE to threaten our community by forbidding local police officers from asking about immigration status, detaining suspected noncitizens on behalf of ICE, and notifying ICE if a noncitizen is in custody.    

HB 1041 New Hope Act

  • This bill will streamline the process for people released from prison to get back their rights and remove past crimes from criminal records for good behavior after release 

HB 1340 | SB 5354 Washington College Promise Scholarship    

  • Establishes a new program for guaranteeing financial aid to low-income students across the state for college

HB 1612 | SB 5602 Reproductive Health Access for All   

  • Creates a state program for providing reproductive health access for people currently not covered, such as immigrants, transgendered, and gender non-binary 

HB 1603 | SB 5684 TANF Reform  

  • Loosens the restrictions on which families are able to access Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefits and increases the length of time families are able to receive benefits

HB 1697 Health Coverage for Young Adults 

  • Expands health coverage for youth across the state to include undocumented youth

HB 1282 | SB 5328 Driver’s License Suspension Assistance  

  • Amends current law so that people who fail to respond to a traffic violation notice or court hearing no longer have their driver's license suspended