Protect our Families


The Trump administration has recently unveiled new policies to separate from their parents and detain children who have arrived at the southern border of the US trying to seek asylum. While the previous Administration had a policy of detaining families while they waited for an asylum hearing, this administration is purposely targeting families in order to stop border crossings. Children, we have learned, as little as babies are being sent to detention centers while their parents are detained in jail awaiting trial in front of an immigration judge. There is currently no procedure for reuniting children back with their families, and some children may have lost their parents to deportation while they wait in the US. 

Our Mission: 

Progreso will not stop advocating for this administration to reverse this harmful position and focus on putting families back together. Moreover, we decry the current administration's efforts to target innocent, hardworking people with threats of deportation and imprisonment. 

Progreso supports comprehensive immigration reform, which includes a clean DACA bill with a pathway to legalization and humanity when dealing with undocumented immigrants within our borders. Join us in advocating for those who can't advocate for themselves!


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