Yes on I-1631

Initiative 1631 is a proposal on the ballot in November that keeps the biggest corporate polluters accountable for the pollution they send directly into our communities.

Initiative 1631 will require that these companies pay a fee on the pollution they produce in order to pay for the damage it does to our communities and environment. The money raised from the fee will be invested directly into cities and towns that are most impacted by the effects of climate change pollution and fund projects that ensure clean energy and a healthier environment for future generations.

This initiative was put together with input from over 300 organizations, representing every community and people, and has been endorsed by many more, including businesses, faith groups, health associations, and social advocacy organizations like Latino Community Fund. Together, we have helped create the largest coalition in Washington State history to support this initiative and take back control of our future from the hands of big corporations. 

Progreso Latino Progress is proud to be part of the coalition supporting Initiative 1631 and clean energy in our region. For too long, our state has been dependant on dirty fuel that is harmful to our environment and impacts our communities.

Learn more at and vote YES on Initiative 1631 on November 6th.      

Initiative 1631 will:       

  • Protect our communities health

  • Invest in clean energy

  • Create thousands of local jobs

  • Establish a fee on the largest corporate polluters

  • Fund local initiatives to prepare for climate change

When we work together, we can win!

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