Since its founding in 2012, Progreso has focused on civic engagement, coalition building, and advocacy around numerous issues that affect Latinos and communities of color in Washington, as well as advocacy for legislative priorities pertaining to education, immigration, carbon pollution, criminal justice, and other issues that affect communities of color.

Our Mission:

Progreso's mission is to ensure that Latino communities are fairly represented in Washington State’s social, economic and political systems to improve the quality of life for all Washingtonians.

We believe that community-based support, civic engagement, and advocacy are needed to ensure that the needs of the Latino community are represented in decision making at the state level.

Three of Progreso's values are:

  • Empowerment: Strengthening Latino leadership, civic engagement, and community leadership development
  • Equity: Supporting the development of a common Latino-led policy advocacy strategy
  • Justice: Advocating for systemic change towards equitable outcomes  

Issues and Impact: 

  • A founding member of the Racial Equity Team, a multi-racial network of lobbyists and organizations dedicated to advancing racially equitable legislation.
  • Increase voter participation of Latinos and people of color in Yakima and King Counties.
  • Lobby on additional issues such as environmental justice, Washington Voting Rights Act, wage theft prevention, and criminal justice reform.

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Legislative Victories in 2018:

  • The Washington State Voting Rights Act (SB 6002)
  • Automatic/Same-Day Voter Registration (SB 6021)
  • Pre-Voter Registration for 16 and 17-year-olds (SB 5110)
  • Toxic-Free Food Packaging (HB 2658)
  • Safer Firefighting Foam, Gear, and Drinking Water (SB 6413)
  • Protecting Immigrant Victims of Crime (HB 1022)
  • Expanding the Washington College Bound Scholarship eligibility to Dreamers (HB 1488)