Our 2024 Endorsements!

Progreso is proud to announce our first endorsements of 2024. Each of these candidates and campaigns have shown their dedication to their communities through years of public service. We urge everyone to support these candidates through door knocking, phone banking and donating. This year we issued primary endorsements in order to highlight Latino/x/e candidates that are challenging incumbents or running for open seats.


Progreso Board of Directors

2024 Endorsements 









Our Endorsement Process

Progreso's mission is to ensure that Latino communities are fairly represented in Washington State’s social, economic and political systems to improve the quality of life for all Washingtonians. We endorse statewide to support candidates running across WA State to represent our Latinx/e communities and build our community power. Our process includes: 

1. Request an endorsement request to our team to receive our Candidate Questionnaire

- Jake Garcia: [email protected]

2 Complete a Candidate Questionnaire

3. Candidates interviewed by Progreso Board Members (not all candidates will be interviewed)

4. Candidate notified and endorsements announced