Tacoma Immigration Court below average in releasing detainees

Immigration attorneys were surprised at the recent rulings by a Tacoma Immigration Court denying bond to a mother separated from her children after she was deemed a flight risk by the judge. She was later released after her transfer from the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma to a facility in Texas.

Six other parents were also denied bond, which allows for a person to be released from detention in exchange for a fee while their case is being decided. Asylum seekers detained at the border and tried in the Tacoma Immigration Court can see the fee range from $2,500 to almost $15,000 if granted, a figure that is based solely on a judge's discretion. For asylum seekers running away from violence and separated away from their families, that number is often the only thing keeping them from their freedom and children.

According to a recent survey, the bond prices set by judges at the Tacoma Immigration Court for asylum seekers are 2x the national average. 

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