2024 Legislative Session

2024 Legislative Priorities 

Progreso: Latino Progress & Latino Community Fund works to improve the quality of life for all Washingtonians. Through coalitions and support from the community, LCF & Progreso support bills that empower communities that have historically held limited to no political power. Our organizations believe that all communities deserve access to quality health, education, and public services.

With the 2024 Legislative Session officially in the rearview mirror, we wanted to take a moment to share with you some of the highlights we’re most excited about and what we expect to see during next year’s long, 105-day session. 


Our Legislative Wins

HB 1889 (Rep. Walen) - Allowing Undocumented People to Receive Professional Licensure

Thanks to the work of countless community advocates and strong bipartisan support, all Washingtonians can now receive professional licenses and certifications regardless of immigration or citizenship status! 

Signing of HB 1889!

HB 2226 (Rep. Ortiz-Self) - Adequately Surveying H-2A and Seasonal Workers

Washington will now require the Employment Security Department to collect certain data about H-2A workers when conducting field checks and field visits and require the Office of Agricultural and Seasonal Workforce Services to conduct annual wage surveys of some hand-harvest workers. 


SB 5890 (Sen. Valdez) - Updating WA’s Ballot Curing Process

We’re excited to see our state’s ballot curing process get a much-needed update – and this legislation will begin to chip away at existing inequities in an otherwise well-functioning election system.  


SB 6269 (Sen. Valdez) - Alternative Signature Verification Pilots
LCF supports the empowerment of all communities across our state, which includes making strides in strengthening our elections. Proactive pilot projects like this will carry Washington closer to innovative and successful alternative voter verification methods.


Budget Wins

It wasn’t just bills doing the good work this year in Olympia, the Legislature appropriated money for several key community priorities, including:

  • $183K for OSPI study of the educational needs of farmworkers’ children;
  • $28.4M to expand healthcare access for the Medicaid-equivalent, regardless of status;
  • $100K for a work group that will identify dedicated revenue streams for a wage replacement program for undocumented workers;
  • $400K to ensure parents and students can continue to access college resources via the OtterBot Finical Aid Texting Program, regardless of the family’s primary language. 


What We’re Working on Next Session

SB 5109 (Sen. Saldaña) - Wage Replacement for Undocumented Workers

While we’re disappointed this legislation did not move this session, we’ll continue to monitor progress made by the wage replacement work group.


HB 2058 (Rep. Riccelli) - School Meals for All

We’re grateful for Rep. Riccelli’s dogged determination to ensure every kid has access to nutritious, healthy meals during their school days. We expect this bill to come back next session.


HB 2023 (Rep. Shavers) - Increasing Voter Language Access

Meaningful language access to the ballot and, thereby our democracy, remains a top priority for LCF & Progreso. While HB 2023 may have died this year, we’re confident it will be back next year with stronger support than before.


HB 2114 (Rep. Alvarado) - Rent Stabilization 

HB 2114 would have prevented landlords from issuing excessive rent increases. HB 2114 was referenced as “one of the most closely watched housing bills in the country,” in New York Times coverage, but a minority of lawmakers killed what would have helped nearly a million Washingtonians. It’ll be back next year with a renewed vigor.


Progressive Revenue

Most of the above priorities would or could not happen without significant budget prioritization and that is made even more difficult without reforming our upside-down tax code. By supporting progressive revenue proposals like the Affordable Homes Act and the Wealth Tax, we can begin to balance the tax code and ensure every Washingtonian pays their fair share.


While this year's legislation session may have ended, we know that what comes next is just as important. Advocating for policy change doesn't end when we leave Olympia. We now look toward the implementation of our wins, as we reflect on this year's short session. Do you remember what we fought for? Let's remind ourselves what happened! 

We started with our Youth Lobby Day co-hosted with The Washington Bus! 

We spent a week learning about what policies matter to our communities. From expanding unemployment insurance for undocumented workers to learning how to advocate as a nonprofit, our Legislative Week of Action brought together leaders from across ashington!